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I consolidate information. It’s just what I do. Kinda crazy, ha. Download and share my visual-one-page-summary-book-notes to reference the high points for these booksI am copyright free.

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the goal

Written 30 years ago... The Goal presents concepts of Lean and The Theory Of Constraints through a novel-like narrative.

While the book describes the story in terms of lean manufacturing... it's extremely applicable today and in most fields of business, like: software development, health care and education.

If you read the book, have a look at the visual-notes to re-inspire your memory banks. If you haven't... consider these notes a primer, then get and read this one.

Either way... enjoy.

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how the best get better

Read this book years ago.Finally got around to the creating the visual-one-page-summary for it.

How The Best Get Better is about an evolving lifetime of six concepts and six strategies to acquire the capabilities and achieve the results of the very best entrepreneurs.

Read on...

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personal kanban, take 2

Decided (finally) to redo this visual one pager. Personal Kanban is such an important and useful book... I could no longer look at my first take of this. Made this to be mo readable and perdy. At least, I think so.

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this is lean

Maximizing efficiency of resources is not optimal. WTF, you say?  You heard me right.  Don't take my word for it. Read and learn about how to focus on F L O W and where to position the camera.  What? You'll see.  Meanwhile...visualize flow, baby. I do.

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remote: office not required

As Batman says, "... the dawn is coming." And so is remote working. In fact. it's here and growing. Read the book to learn trips and traps for remote work. We live in times ripe to reap the rewards. Oh yeah.

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succeeding with agile teams

The low-down on Paul Osborn's book for succeeding with agile teams. A good read, a dark poster. Oh well.

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the amazon way

It's out in the open now...the 14 guiding principles for leadership at Amazon.

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maximize your potential

If nothing else... slow and steady progress, improve you, don't go it alone and brave through it to make your ideas happen.

Another hand-drawn jobber using my iPad.

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show your work

A new way of being for artists of today.

Hand-drawn on my iPad mini, using Sketchbook Pro, and iDraw.

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succeeding with agile governance

You may be 'doing agile'...are the others around you doing their part.

Agile is not a vacuum sealed approach, pieces of it must be supported across disciplines, across cadences, and coordinated with decisions.

Another reason to DO less to COMPLETE more.

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