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Visual Book Notes

I consolidate information. It’s just what I do. Kinda crazy, ha. Download and share my visual-one-page-summary-book-notes to reference the high points for these booksI am copyright free.

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succeeding with agile teams

The low-down on Paul Osborn's book for succeeding with agile teams. A good read, a dark poster. Oh well.

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the amazon way

It's out in the open now...the 14 guiding principles for leadership at Amazon.

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maximize your potential

If nothing else... slow and steady progress, improve you, don't go it alone and brave through it to make your ideas happen.

Another hand-drawn jobber using my iPad.

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show your work

A new way of being for artists of today.

Hand-drawn on my iPad mini, using Sketchbook Pro, and iDraw.

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succeeding with agile governance

You may be 'doing agile'...are the others around you doing their part.

Agile is not a vacuum sealed approach, pieces of it must be supported across disciplines, across cadences, and coordinated with decisions.

Another reason to DO less to COMPLETE more.

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secrets of consulting

Hmmmm...only give advice when requested? I'm gonna have to work on this one.

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manage your day to day

I love business, just not the way most do it.

I do love the way this book suggests to do it.

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steal like an artist

Make stuff right now. I mean it.

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Can't say it enough... Make. Work. Visible.

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impact mapping

See, talk about and discover together the same things.

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